6 Frequency Class 2 Icosahedral Dome

The class 2 dome has less hubs and struts than the same frequency class 1 dome. As shown there are 151  hubs and 450 struts. Bottom triangles are shortened to make a level base. More rows of triangles can be removed to make a shorter version. Illustrated as a tube structure with proportions: 40 ft diameter with 4 inch diameter tubes. Height  is 21 ft. 4  inches. On the 40 ft dome, strut lengths range from about 48 to 60 inches. If the longest strut is 48  inches, resulting diameter is about 32 ft. It could be built with  225 2 x 4 x  8 ft boards.



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This short version is 16 ft - 6 inches tall. It has 136  hubs and 375 struts.

More on the short version >>>

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Class 2 Icosahedral Domes