Presenting the Bucky-Trusstm Dome

A new dome developed from the atomic structure of the Fullerene.

The Classic Hex-Pent Bucky Dome divided with hexagrams and pentagrams.


The Hexagons and Pentagons are divided producing the star designs. The original Bucky-Ball framework may be an inner Diamond Truss structure as shown colored magenta, or projected to the sphere surface to give a more rounded dome.


As shown the dome has 161 vertices and 505 struts.


The large quantity of elements suggests a large dome in the 45-75 ft diameter range, suitable for a dome home, pavilion, theater, and commercial applications. However smaller domes can be made, simplified if necessary.

Special Features:

Flexible design variables for use with our hub-strut construction system. Wood, aluminum and steel domes are possible, made with various construction techniques.
The dome may be shortened to a 1/2 sphere shape or used in the 5/8 sphere shown here:

Top view with struts that make the Diamond Truss (gray-green lines):

Part Two