Garden Dome 1

Try out the paper model for a quick mini dome that demonstrates the unique shape and symmetry.
Cut out around the perimeter, bend a slight crease using a straight edge on each interior line,
then tape the pieces together on the inside.

GD1 model pattern
Print 5 of the model pattern section below to make the paper dome, taped together in the pattern above.
Use thicker paper for best results. Match up and tape adjacent lines to obtain the dome shape.

1/5 section
Link to pdf model

The dome model makes a great family or children's project:
Dome model

With plenty of room and height, this dome is practical for use in areas of limited space. A unique design not seen very often. The 12 foot model is shown here, covered with colored poly-tarp, andd non woven greenhouse film.
GD1 photo
Garden Dome 1 is a Class II 2 frequency icosahedral dome. It makes a great looking, strong and functional dome.
GD1 photo

This pictorial illustrationof the original frame shows the height/diameter relationship and how simply and effectively a volume of space is enclosed
with a minimum of materials.
pen and  ink drawing


The revised dome - top, front, side profile views and a pictorial.
computer drawings

Practical sizes:  about 8 to 28 ft. diameter, available in complete Frame Kits or Connector Kits.
  • If the longest struts  are 8 ft,  (blue in above drawing) diameter is 23 ft. and this size dome can be conveniently covered with right triangle panels made from 4 x 8 ft sheets, with X1 subdivision struts dividing each triangle in half. Applies to the GD1 E.Z. also.
  • If the longest struts are 10 ft, dome diameter is almost 29 ft.
  • 12'- 6" is suggested for a good small dome size, where two struts are cut from a standard length 8 ft board.
  • One level of triangles could be deleted for a shorter dome. Specify your size requirement and wood size- 1 x 2 to 2 x 6 or other dome type: aluminum, steel etc.
    This 12'-6"  diameter dome is approximately 9 feet tall = 75% of diameter.
    Domes have a wonderful glow when lit up at night:
    glow dome
    I remodelled this dome with the new Base Option "Evolution" design, with plywood siding and new 11 mil Super Poly to replace the orange and blue poly tarps that had deteriorated over the years. An aluminum storm door was fitted in a hexagon area. Total height was raised about 1 foot.

    EVOLUTION of the Garden Dome 1
    The dome has aquired a door retrofit, base extensions, more floor area, and two cupola types.
    several pages of illustrations and descriptions of the Garden Dome 1 Evolution

    We gave the new design the Vertical Base Option, Door frame, and Cupola option:


    Illustrations of the 26 ft dome and X1 type
    26 FT

    New GALLERY of the 2 x 4 16 ft Garden Dome 1 and Garden Dome 1-X1

    The Garden Dome 1 E.Z. is the Edge Zenith version of this dome.
    Garden Dome EZ + VBO

    Related: check out the Dodeca House and the Dodecapod

    With shortened slanted base of the Dodecapod design

    The 26 ft dome with VBO, door and window

    GD1-X1 H.Z. Hexagon Zenith version
    GD1 HZ

    See the large size plan view pdf

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