Garden Dome 3

The larger sizes possible makes this dome excellent for a pool or hot tub cover, workshop, garage, cabin or spacious greenhouse. Lower height (less than half sphere) means with a greenhouse dome there is more efficient use of energy for heating in winter, less to cool in summer in warmer climates. For more height a Base Option can be added to make a dome with 5/8 fullness. Photo is the 20 foot 2 x 4 model. Only 60 eight ft boards were used to make the 120 struts for the 20 ft dome.

Most dome homes are of this type, a classic hexagon-pentagon design.

With a door extension attached to the 20 ft dome:

Five doors on the dome with Base Option:

More illustrations of the door extensions (4 pages) >>>

Base Option: 15 Connectors and 45 struts are added to the Main Frame to give height and more useable interior space. Sections of struts may be taken out for the addition of floor extensions, standard doors, garage doors and windows or cupola.

The 30 ft diameter 2 x 4 dome.


 This is also a 20 ft model in the beginning stages, painted with a tinted elastomeric coating and assembled in southeast Texas.
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Take a look at the Specification Tables for descriptions and prices of the Garden Dome 3 models.

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The 35 ft 2 x 6 Kruschke 3v dome with perpendicular bisectors (X1 struts), similar to the GD3-X1.