Garden - Gazebo Dome

Shown as a  2 x 4 frame with a 12' x 12' base. Door height - 89" as shown and can be up to about 50" wide.
Windows can be added in these large rectangle areas. Board qty. required for the 12' x 12':
12' - 4
10' - 4
8' - 24
Board qty. required for the 10' x 10' size.
10' - 4
8' - 28
Add 16 boards (8') to make a roof overhang. These could be 2 x 2s on a greenhouse dome.

A 14' or 16' size can also be made.
This dome is has a square footprint that transforms into an octagonal roof, with four large triangles at corners.
Vertical boards in the 4 sides add more strength and rigidity structure for framing in windows and door.
Add standard size windows for a greenhouse,
A simple version is used for covering with greenhouse film, canvas, screen, shadecloth, any flexible material; or left open for a gazebo.
A more complex version requires Edge Bevels made on outside edges of main boards.
These provide a flat face for attaching rigid cover panels such as plywood or greenhouse glazing.
The Edge Bevels are made using a table saw.

  The picture album includes some options - roof overhang, "FI" (face intermediate) struts in an alternate method to frame in windows (view below), short anchor posts used to raise the dome, a ground level base perimeter, covering ideas.

Visit the album >>

Connector Kit has 13 Connector Hubs, various screws and washers, and instruction booklet

Top can be covered with 16 right triangles, made from eight 4' x 8' sheets.
The roof overhang on this example is made from 2 x 2s.

Instruction text Page 1. There are 10 text pages and 30 pages of  drawings.

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