New Dome Designs

based on the Icosa-Dome

The first example is 2 Icosa-Domes joined together:

The second example - top view:

Pictorial view:

Third example, 5 Icosa-Domes joined together.
Top view:

Pictorial view:

The last example is my favorite. Ten Icosa-Dome units are joined in a circle.

Inner parts of the dome units are removed for large open areas.
With 8 ft. struts on the Icosa-Domes, span across the ground level would be 49 ft.

The 2 frequency icosahedral dome [Garden Dome 2] is shown placed on the 10 inner top struts of the Icosa-Dome Matrix.

Front view:

Final images show the 2 frequency dome placed on top of the apex points of the 10 Icosa-Domes.

More Icosa Designs