Dome Patents

  After a long wait our Patent has been officially issued. Thanks to Chris Whewell at Western Patent Group  for his valuable assistance. One part of the invention is the connection system which has some unique and special characteristics:
  1. Universal applications
  2. Inexpensive to manufacture
  3. Strength/durability
  4. Quick - connecting / disconnecting features
  5. Dynamic - adaptable to various sizes of domes and strut materials
  6. Effective attachment method for various construction plans using odd angles, not limited to geodesic
  7. Makes new types of domes possible such as the Octa-Dome, Star Domes, etc.
A 30ft. 2x6  Garden Dome 3 + Base Option, covering for a fish pond

Since Fuller's dome patent was issued in 1954, there have been a number of related patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. I came across several interesting patents while researching for my own patent application. Several are listed here; many are not and there are many new patents related to domes and dome construction not listed here.


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