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 Low cost emergency housing for disaster stricken areas. Shipped from Texas, USA to any where in the world.
 A basic dome home shelter can be built by 2 people in less than 1 day. It consists of a wood dome frame, insulating rigid plastic cover,  floor, door, windows, heating and cooking stove, tools for assembly, emergency survival tools, water purification unit and instructions in native language. Sizes based on our "Garden Dome 2" and "Garden Dome 3" design. Price - based on mass production and grants/ subsidies from governments or private individuals or groups. Over 50 packages can be sent in a standard size overseas shipping container. Also priced for sale as individual units.
Application / Questionnaire
If you are an individual/family in desperate circumstances and in need of a
Apply for a dome donation
Based on individual needs and circumstances. Help us supply low cost shelters to
desperate families in emergency situations.
We are able to donate to your
charity organization or supply quantities of Survival Domes and dome building supplies and information; based on your needs and our limited resources.
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For an application write to:
Global Design Import-Export

Mailing addresss
PO BOX 956
Vidor, Tx. 77670 USA

If you supply emergency housing as a part of a relief organization, or you are part of a charity/humanitarian organization, CLICK HERE

 The dome shelter is much more permanent than a tent shelter. It can be moved and reused or placed permanently on a foundation (deck, slab, pier/beam etc.) and developed into a practical user friendly home.

  • No power tools are required to assemble the SURVIVAL DOME package. All required tools are included in the package.
  • Unskilled labor may be used
  • Graphic instructions for those who do not read
  • May be assembled on site or at a work site and delivered by truck or helicopter
  • Adaptable to social and environmental conditions
  • Requirements for the SURVIVAL - EMERGENCY DOME HOME are relatively level ground to build on and basic mechanical ability. Any sort of ladder or support to allow reaching upper level of domes will be necessary except for the smaller sizes.

    Items such as wood/propane fuel systems for heating/cooking, waste disposal, rain water collection/storage/purification may be included in the SURVIVAL - EMERGENCY DOME HOME package, or changed as needed to supply the needs of families and communities-

    Ideal for: Domes are portable. In most cases they can be assembled and disassembled in hours (depending idn dome size and manpower).

    If you are an individual or family in need of a quick and cheap emergency shelter, wn blowhat will last many years, Here are some recommendations:
    1. 18 ft Garden Dome 2 - X1 with or without the Base Option.
    2. Garden Dome 3, 20 ft. with or without the Base Option.
    3. RCO - S - X1, 21 ft.
    4. Tetra Dome 3 HZ / - X1.....the 16 ft versio as shown below, 3 joined and jdivided into functional groups


    Please contact us if we can help you with your dome plans.

    Global Design Import-Export


    Mailing addresss
    PO BOX 956
    Vidor, Tx. 77670 USA
    Phone: (281) 685-6727


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