Tetra - Dome Matrix Part 2

Tetra - Dome X2 with illustrations of the Tetra - Dome X2 Matrix

The Tetra - Dome X2, top section with 17 Connector Hubs and 64 struts

With Geodesic Base Option and  X2 struts.
A complete square side can be removed for adding additional Modular Matrix Units,
or for installation on a vertical wall.

Two top Matrix Units joined at the rectangle openings.

The two Matrix Units spaced apart, allowing placement of standard door and windows in the mid section.

Four Matrix Units joined - top view:

Pictorial view shows center support column of 4 struts with hubs, and ground perimeter with 16 edges.

Another modular configuration that is possible with the Tetra-Dome Matrix System. Here four Matrix Units are joined to a central Unit that is only the top pyramid with four vertical support struts.

The four outer Units are spaced apart from the central pyramid Unit, making more floor space and vertical area for windows and door placement.

Tetra - Dome Matrix Part 1