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Welcome to the Garden Dome experience!
Celebrating our 20th year in business
Discover how you can build your own geodesic dome.
Use it for a greenhouse, animal shelter, cabin, workshop, studio,  or anything that needs a strong covering.
Inside these pages you will find a catalog of products we sell, with lots of photos, drawings and illustrations.
We hope you find our web pages informative and a resource for building your own Geodesic Dome using our unique Patented construction connector system.

The Octa Dome 5 Extended (XT) Gallery

Star Dome 2 Gallery

M i s s i o n : to make geodesic domes a practical and affordable alternative structure.
We make the best low cost do-it-yourself geodesic dome frames.
We have the largest variety of types and sizes available.
Our domes are designed using 3D computer programs.
Our Connector Kits - construction hardware and plans - are the best option for do-it-yourself builders.
Build your dome with lumber you purchase locally. Pine, fir, cedar and redwood work well.
With our expertly done instruction manuals, just about anyone can build their own geodesic dome.
This page shows some tools you will need. This page lists Connector  Kit prices.
We are a family business. Garden Domes are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Star Dome 2 EZ and Sacred Geometry
Introducing the Heptadome and Heptagram
Large format plan views | Cube-Octa Dome (simplified version) gallery| Contact

Visit theTetra Dome 3 HZ-X1 Gallery

      PART TWO


Free Screensaver samples - downloadable .exe files
6 frequency Cl 2 Dome- 2.7mb
Order In Chaos- 1.1mb
Dome Photos 2- .7mb

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horses at Cincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

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