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Octagram Dome
Garden Gazebo Dome
GardenDome 4 - X1 Short Version
Octa Dome 4 XT (Extended)
Pentagon-Square-Triangle "P-S-T Dome"
Truncated Dodeca "TR-D Dome"
Octa-Tetra-Cube Truss Unit
Wallpaper/background image for personal use
Dome Coverings
Tetra Dome 3HZ Photos
12 Ft. Aluminum Geo-Sphere
Octa - Zome
Icosa - Zome
Star Dome 2 BP
Golden Ratio
Garden Dome 3 EZ - X1 illustrations
Tetra Dome 3 HZ - X1 19 ft with 3 extensions
TR - CO Dome hemisphere version
Tesselsphere renderings
Photos - Reunion Tower Dallas
Garden Dome 3 EZ-X1 - 29 ft diameter
GD4 with revised geometry, Album | Elliptical version
Tetra Dome 3- HZ - X3 - a 24ft, 2x6 version
GD1 EZ with star polyhedra scenes, Album


The Octa Dome 5 XT 20 x 36 ft is located west of San Antonio and is a greenhouse dome covered with our Super Poly woven poly-tarp. It has a Vertical Base Option, standard door, windows and large upper vent, and will have raised beds for growing various trees, flowers, vegetables.

Repeated triangles make geodesic walls

A paper model

Edomes Customers will now get 3d CAD models of their dome for interactive viewing in the Solidworks Edraw program. Inspect, rotate, zoom in/out, turn on/off layer items and print the 3D CAD model in color or black/white.

A 12 ft GD3+BO with row of triangles added, and screen capture from the 3d model in the Edrawing program.

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Garden domes make the best DO-IT-YOURSELF geodesic dome structures. Strong and light weight they are hurricane, tornado, and earthquake resistent. They are tsunami and bomb resistent and will make a good fallout shelter, protected from EMP when covered properly. Not only used for gardening, the applications are endless. Used for fish farms, treehouses, herb gardens, animal shelters, aviaries, hunting blinds, backyard gazebos, family vegetable gardens, the list is only limited by your imagination.

Build your own gardendome tm and use it for a greenhouse or growing dome. Flowers will thrive, herbs and vegetables will flourish. They are protected from the harsh environment on the outside. In winter it is warm- cozy. Use passive solar collection and heaters if necessary.
In summer plants get ventilation by fans, vents and windows. Thermally actuated openers can be used (uni-vent)- best with polycarbonate windows. A polycarbonate window panel can be used when the woven poly film is used, our 11 mil "Super Poly" or use polycarbonate on the complete dome-- ask about best domes and sizes for this.

With our Connector Kits dome building is made simplified. We do the math and calculations, using our 3D modelling program. You get connectors, fasteners, instructions [lengths, angles, quantities etc.., ] Triangle sizes for covering and the poly film cover plan is included - polycarb. cover plans and installation instructions are extra.Everything but the 2x4 boards and cover panels [you purchase locally ] Lots of drawings, Edome model and technical support by phone or email.

Your job is to read and follow instructions- measure and saw boards with simple mitered ends, and drill a small pilot hole for fasteners- more details and illustrations in the kit instructions.

Delivery- About 3-5weeks (depending on dome type) to get the package ready to send to you

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