A new design idea for a structure with a square footprint that can be used as an art / exhibit booth

Top, front, 45 profile and pictorial view:

As shown:
Height: 9'-4"
Door: 43" x 84"

Struts can be added in the vertical sides to reinforce the structural stability if desired.

The first prototype is made from 3/4" tubes on bottom with upper 16 struts made from 1/2" tubes. More triangles are needed in the 3 sides to provide best rigidity and strength.  Base is 10' x 10'.

1/2" tubes were added to the three sides, resulting in much better rigidity and strength. It supports the weight of the boling ball pendulum easily and with me standing on the ball, which is attached by chain to the top fastener (an eyebolt), there is no apparent movement or deflection from the added 180 lbs.

More photos >>

Ideal for bolt together conduit domes made with 3/4", 1" or 1-3/8" diameter galvanized tubing.  It can also be a wood hub-strut structure, covered with board panels, greenhouse glazing or film, shade cloth, window screen, hardware cloth, etc.

Make the paper model

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