Connector Kits

    Connector Kits are available for all of our domes. Those who want to cut their own lumber can save considerably.
     You can build your own dome by supplying your own lumber for the struts, and make it any size convenient for your needs. Connector Kits are available for all the domes and Base Options when applicable. Connector Kits apply to wood dome frames.

The Connector Kit includes:
This 17ft GD4 was made with our Frame Kit
(precut boards ready to assemble plus Connector Kit), using struts made from 2x2 pine

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Super Poly

<> Translucent woven poly used as an effective and inexpensive dome covering. The Super Poly dome covering includes: Tools required for applying super poly are: staple gun, glue gun, trim knife.

More on Super Poly | Prices and order information

Accesory option- Using Polyfastener for attaching the Super Poly, easily removeable for dome windows:

      1. Insert strip
      2. Polyfastener channel
      3. Super Poly
      4. Roller tool

#2 Polyfastener Channel is attached to the 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 frame using staples or flat head screws. The roller tool forces the insert strip into the channel, locking the poly material. A hook tool is also supplied for removal.

Super Poly shown with vinyl coated fiberglass wire screen, used for shade cloth over the domes during seasons of high temperatures to reduce interior heat. Slightly enlarged to show detail.
Many varieties of shade cloth are available.

      A 30ft GD3-EZ -X1 covered with Super Poly

      This 30ft GD3-X1 was also covered with our 11 mil Super Poly

Base Options

     An extra level of triangles added to raise height of the domes. Consists of all necessary struts [frame kits], Connector Hubs, hardware and instructions. Depending on the dome size, the Base Option will raise your dome approximately 3 to 5 feet and add a significant amount of useable interior space. It may also be a Vertical Base Option, [rectangles] best when adding a rigid siding such as plywood or polycarbonate greenhouse glazing. See Octa-Dome

GD3+Base Options details pdf
Base Options on other domes pdf

General Information

     Domes are available in a complete do-it-yourself Frame Kit, including the following:      We offer our domes at a SUPER VALUE price for a remarkable product that you will use and enjoy for many years. Domes are very rigid and will support weight such as shelving, hanging baskets, lights, snow, etc. Our domes are designed to be easily assembled with common hand tools. Lumber used is 2 x 4, (or other as specified) white and yellow pine; best grade available. Clear oil based weather sealer/preservative is applied to all lumber as a standard procedure. (Keep freezing moisture out of your wood!) An optional weather protector is available, "White Coat" that is a coating of exterior grade white latex paint brushed on. Domes made from steel (emt tube) or aluminum (hollow square or round extrusion) are an alternative to wood strut domes that we can manufacture. Write us about other dome ideas.
     Domes are also completely portable, taken apart piece-by-piece or by sections (or lifted as a unit with several men or proper equipment). Our exclusive Construction Connector System makes assembly quick and easy with only basic mechanical skills required. Actual assembly (the basic frame) takes approx. 3-8 hours for most domes; depending on dome type and size, number of workers, and if regular or power tools are used (you can use an air powered ratchet for wood dome assembly).
     Shipping for a complete dome Frame Kit depends on destination and weight. Smaller domes may be shipped by UPS in several boxes. For instance: 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 domes to 20 ft. (most cases), steel tube domes/spheres. Larger domes (2 x 4, 2 x 6) may weigh several hundred lb. We will use the most economical freight delivery from our manufacturing facility in Beaumont, Tx. to your location. Send your Zip Code for an estimate. A cost saving option is renting a truck or trailer and doing the transporting yourself.