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Dodeca House

Based on the geodesic dodecahedron, also known as the “2 frequency icosa triacon”…is the Garden Dome 1design.

Orientation is with the hexagonal vertex at the top instead of typical placement of a pentagon at top. Result is a steeper top area “roof pitch” that will shed rain more efficiently.

It’s similar to the Star Dome 2 with star designs removed. Same Vertical Base Option and door/window treatments could be done to the Star Dome 2. In fact combinations of the large pentagons with and without the stars could be done…great for a rounder dome and pentagon skylights.

As illustrated the diameter is 26 ft. 4 inches with a riser wall of 45 inches. Connector hubs are 5″ diameter aluminum cylinders but a combinations of small and large could be used (as on the star Dome 2). Door and windows are standard sizes. This is a design concept to illustrate some of the many possibilities.

Shown partially covered on the interior (ceiling panels)
to allow structure to be viewed.

Perspective view gives a more realistic viewpoint.

Shown with cover panels removed.

Profile view from side.

There are 3 vertical areas where windows and doors are shown. These can also be used for extensions to add floor space, patio/deck, and joining domes together. There is plenty of height for adding a second floor loft area.