Dodeca + Stars

"Stellated Dodecahedron"

Four views of the Stellated Dodeca:




 This polyhedra is presented as a design for a unique structure with five-point star symmetry. Edges of the Dodecahedron are extended in space to the common points of convergence.
It can be a functional and aesthetic structure.
The ground perimeter- footprint is a 5-point star and every triangle face is part of a pentagonal pyramid star point.

The hub-strut structure shown as a large frame with 2 x 4 construction. Inner dodeca struts (brown) are 8 ft.
This could be a wood, steel tube or aluminum structure, open frame or covered with a variety of materials.
The bottom star-point pentagonal pyramid is not shown. If included, the structure would rest naturally on 3 star points, instead of the star face as shown here.

As a decorative ornament, for example on top of the Icosa - Dome:

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Dodeca - Dome
Icosa - Dodeca Dome

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