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Our Domes in Special "Package Deals"

Special Discount Promotion for 2019 - discounted 10% off regular prices for Connector Kits and Frame Kits.

Prices for our Frame Kits (2×4) = precut wood ready to assemble with Connector Kit included, linked to our Paypal page for payment, specific sizes [freight not included]; with Connector Kit prices alone [best dome sizes suggested for lumber economy/efficiency w/ std. lumber] linked to Paypal. Images linked to each dome’s respective page.

2 x 4 Frame Kits made with premium grade framing lumber. Ask about Super Poly Cover costs. Specific diameter sizes indicated. Other sizes are available. Click on images to go to detail pages for each dome. More details below. Updated Connector Kit prices included. More on Connector Kits Shipping included. All are for 2×4 frames and include sch. 80 pvc Connector Hubs

Icosa-Dome -X1

Frame Kit

Icosa-Dome X1
15 ft, 9″

Octa-Dome X1

Frame Kit

Frame Kit Octa-Dome X1
18 ft

Tetra-Dome X1 + V.B.O.

Connector Kit, includes shipping….$610.00

Frame Kit- Tetra-Dome X1 + V.B.O. 17 ft $1025

Cube-Octa-Dome [S] -X1 + V.B.O.

Frame Kit-Simplified Cube-Octa-Dome X1 + V.B.O.
16 ft, 7″

Tetra 3-HZ -X1 Connector Kit…………………$358.00
bonus- no charge- Includes extra hubs and hdw. with instructions to build the V.B.O. as shown; also a cupola top hub/instructions (not shown). Domes with/without VBO shown

Includes VBO/door rough-in frame as shown (no cupola)

RCO X1 [Simplified version]

Frame Kit- RCO X1 Simplified
20 ft

Garden Dome 1 E.Z. + V. B.O.

Frame Kit- Garden Dome 1 E.Z. + V. B.O.
14 ft

Garden Dome 2

Add the 10 V.B.O. Connecctors, hdw., instructions………$165.00

Frame Kit- Garden Dome 2
15 ft

Garden Dome 2 + V.B.O.

Frame Kit- Garden Dome 2 + V.B.O.
18 ft

GD3 Connector Kit…………….$859.00

GD3-X1 Connector Kit…………….$1,283.00 (-X1 addition not shown here)

GD3/GD3-X1 V.B.O. hubs [15 extra hubs], hdw., instructions……….$225

Frame Kit- Garden Dome 3 + Base Option
20 ft
2X4 Frame Kit- Star Dome 1-D
30 ft
2X4 Frame Kit- Star Dome 2-C
20 ft

Package deals - Prices Subject to change - llustrations are representative

Package deals include:
Complete 2 x 4 Frame Kit – top quality lumber precut and drilled, wood preservative applied, ready to assemble.
Assembly instructions with drawings and paper dome model to aid in assembly.
Connector Hubs are sch. 80 pvc (high pressure type). Hardware is best quality galv.plated type.


1. Domes will have framing for adding a standard size door- have a rough- in frame for a standard sized door. Door is not provided and is available at your local builder’s supply.
2. Domes with the “VBO” = Vertical Base Option; VBO height is 4 ft. unless otherwise requested. VBO is for attaching board siding and is not supplied and available at your local builders supply outlet. If the Super Poly is used on the VBO, it will also be additional expense for a larger quantity required. For instance instead of 4 ft plywood, you could have 2 ft of plywood and 2 ft of Super Poly on the VBO to allow more light inside..
3. Please lets us know your zip code for a cost for shipping the dome package to the nearest freight depot. Typical costs – $200 – $900. You’ll need a truck to pick up the bigger packages at the loading dock that will be on a pallet. Most major cities have a freight depot. Local delivery to your residence or business at an additional minimal cost.We use UPS, Fed -Ex and Roadway Express. Please email any questions or for a quote or
Paypal Funds Requst for domes not listed here

Payment information

If you have a Paypal account, you can transfer funds to after you log in to the Paypal site.
If you do not have a Paypal account, I will send a funds request email via Paypal: Click on the payment link in the email, then on the Paypal web site, click on “If you do not currently have a PayPal account” and the page will come up to fill in your information. This will allow you to make a secure payment with a credit/debit card or Echeck.

Recently there have been some fraudulent email to Paypal users. All email links should go to a web page when you click on it, and all pages asking for personal information and account numbers should be an “https” secure page, with the security lock icon in your web browser in locked mode. For more information, visit the security center at
You can also send a check or money order (faster), or if outside the USA, use Moneygram or Western Union. (make to Global Design Import/Export)

Payments for around $1,000 or more can be made with a $50% down payment. Final payment will be due when your package is ready to send.
Or use the Paypal Credit option when you ckeck out.

Allow 3-5 weeks (typical) to complete your order.
Thank you.

Julie Weldon, Designer and Co-owner
Global Design Import/Export
755 Evangeline Dr.
Vidor, Tx. 77662

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