Diamond TrussTM

This drawing study demonstrates a unique Double Dome:
Outer Dome: Class 2, 4 frequency icosahedral
Inner Dome: Class 1, 2 frequency dome (Garden Dome 2 type)
The two domes are attached at common vertices with extended Connector Hubs to make a pyramidal truss. This is the Diamond TrussTM system that gives increased rigidity and strength to both domes.  For covering purposes, this provides an inner and outer shell, with insulating space between. The inner shell has fewer triangle faces (qty. 40) for easier covering, while the outer shell is more round and aerodynamic.
Strut length of the inner dome as shown are approximately 10 ft. For practical application, both inner and outer domes need additional suppport struts for roofing or greenhouse glazing or films, depending on the dome diameter (= triangle size).
For instance for the 30 ft dome, add reinforcing:
Outer Dome - add X1 struts and FI  (Face Intermediate) boards. (more on FI boards)
Inner dome - add X1 struts and FI boards, X2 or X3 struts and hubs.

The illustrations show a 30 ft diameter, 2 x 6 construction for the outer dome, and 2 x 4 construction for the inner dome.

Check out illustrations with the -X3 Option on the Inner Dome = Garden Dome 2 - X3

The Class 2, 4 frequency Icosahedral dome:

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