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Edge Zenith Zome

The EZ (Edge Zenith) Zome made with Icosa Dome struts 96 inches, as a hemisphere has a diameter of 15.8 ft and height from ground to top strut is 83 inches or almost 7 feet. With the VBO made the length of the 96 inch Icosa strut, another 4 ft of height is gained. Four front/back and left/right Icosa struts are vertical and integral with the VBO. A total height of 11 ft. results, but this could be more or less according to the needs of the dome builder and function of the dome. The Zome top is a parallelogram face and a good place to fit a stretched pyramid shaped cupola as a vertical extension (Type 1) or Connector Hub extension (Type 2). Opening shown is 96 inches high and 58 inches wide.