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Zome Model - The Ez Max Zome Garage

The lay-out on this page shows how the patterns fit together.

Bend lines will be the main Zome edges shown on Pages 1 and 2. Make a sharp bend / crease on a straight edge. Some are 90 degrees (+), others such as at the brick wall are just a slight bend. Bend Zome face edges about 90 degrees. Refer to the pictorial illustrations. At cupola base and garage extension there will be a reverse [opposite] bend (*). To assemble, place tape on inside edges, and match up adjacent lines carefully and accurately. Adjust bends as needed to help fit. Alternately, cut out glue tabs and bend these to glue edges together.

Garage Extension top left/right edges represent 8 ft. Riser wall and cupola extension are 36″. Doors are  36″ x 82″ You can cut out holes for the doors, garage door and windows.
Separate cupola top enlarged for an overhang can be glued to the cupola top on the main pattern after everything is taped together.The bottom riser wall and cupola extension can be cut off to represent the short version. The EZ Zome without the Extension, and longer Extension with Twin Zome can also be made. Print Page 1 and 2 on card stock for best results, reduce or enlarge if desired.

Second cut-out pattern for a paper model shows more of the structural elements and a higher riser wall (4 ft). Shaded areas remain flat – These are the front/back and left/right vertical areas. No bends are placed here.
Print Page 2 twice on card stock. This one is easier and quicker to do.