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Ez Max Zome Garage

The EZ Max Zome, made with 4 ft wide right triangles. Two cover triangles can be cut from a 4 x 8 sheet. The 12′ x 8′ extension comes out 4 ft on this example. A side door is added and roof pitch is given to the extension. Also notice that we now have “X1” struts (blue) that divide all the original triangles in half.

The X1 struts reveal the icosahedral equilateral triangles. Shown here with a see-thru covering; this Zome will also make an exellent greenhouse. This design presents a NO-WASTE geodesic structure ideal for using the superior quality twin or triple wall polycarbonate glazing that is commonly available in 4′ x 8′ sheets. This glazing can also be used for large skylights and windows, or use standard clear acrylic sheet or glass. The 20 ft width is now 24 ft with the extension.