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Garden Dome 1 H.Z

GD1-X1 rotated to Hexagon Zenith (a hexagonal vertex at top) like the Star Dome 2, and you get 3 possible openings around the bottom by removing struts. Here you can have extensions to give more floor space and possible vertical outer wall, similar to many dome homes that have the extension and door/windows. The 26 ft. dome is shown- longest struts are nearly 8 ft. so standard 8 ft can be used economically.

Latest 3D renderings
Garden Dome 1 – HZ as the geodesic dodeca with hexagonal vertex at top. Original geometry of three areas on bottom between pentagons is modified to produce a flat ground level. All other triangles are equivalent. Shown here with -X1 subdivision struts on the 22 ft diameter dome.

Height of the 22 ft dome is 14 ft, 10 inches. This size can be made using all 92-5/8″ standard lumber (2 x 4) with six 8 ft boards used on the modified bottom. A maximum size of 26 ft can be made using all 8 ft lumber (2 x 6s can be used) or larger if standard length 104″ or 10 ft boards are used.

Door area is added in a section between lower pentagons where a vertical rectangle area is easily produced. Size is 7′-10″ W x 7′-4″ Ht. Large enough for a double door or door and window(s). 1 to 3 lower areas can have the rectangle area which can also be used to make an extension to add floor space, porch or covered patio, or add on another dome.

Shown as 2 x 6 Main Dome with 2 x 4 X1 struts. The right triangle [-X1 triangle half of the Main Dome triangle] is almost 4 ft wide, measured along the pentagon perimeter struts. This allows two full half triangles to be cut from a 4′ x 8′ sheet with minimal waste. 30 sheets will be needed plus about 10 extra for the three modified bottom areas. Practical sizes about 10 ft to 35 ft, using 1 x 2 to 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 lumber. A star pentagram can be added from the Star Dome 2, in any or all of the pentagons.

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The 16 ft 2 x 4 HZ version with VErtical Base Option and a single pentagram in one lower pentagon. This is to make a Star Window next to the door. The apex conector hub is larger and extends up over the cover panels to make an exhaust vent.

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