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30 Ft. Diameter Garden Dome 2

Some variations on the basic Garden Dome 2 + Base Option design. Pentagon points are pushed outward, making the lower pentagon triangle vertical. One or all pentagons may have the modification. It’s best used for making the door area vertical, for covering the door area easier (no special extension needed) and adding a hinged door frame. In these illustrations all the 5 lower pentagons have the modification.

1. Original Base Option with door entrance

2. Triangles under the lower pentagon vertical triangles are also vertical. A large vertical face is created. From the front elevation view can be seen how the floor area is reduced slightly.

3. With the Vertical Base Option. This is the simplest method, best for adding board siding to add rigidity to the Base, but greenhouse glazing or film can also be used. Nine windows could be used. Also good with smaller domes such as 10-14 ft for adding extra height for a door. The VBO can be made as tall as needed.