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Garden Dome 3 E.Z.

Edge Zenith – an edge (strut) is at the top of the dome.Unique 4-way symmetry with 4 complete pentagons and 4 half pentagons.

Advantages of the GD3-E.Z.

  • You will have a base perimeter of 18 sides instead of 15. More places to anchor the dome.
  • Unlike the conventional pentagon zenith dome, the Edge Zenith dome does not have altered geometry (some strut lengths are lengthened or shortened, making 10 odd triangle sizes on the lower level,) to provide for a level base perimeter. This means that only two basic sizes of triangles are required for covering. No “3/8” or “5/8” “truncation plane”.
  • It is a half dome or exact hemisphere, Height = Radius. Hubs do not angle down or up as on the GD3 and GD3+Base Option. The hubs will lay flat on a foundation, giving better weight distribution, at 18 places, instead of 15.
  • You can have a 22 ft dome made from standard 8 ft lumber and covered with minimal qty of 4 x 8 sheets. Less waste using this 22 ft diameter size. It is an optimal size for cost saving and waste reduction, although smaller and larger domes can be built also.

A cupola would be a diamond shape similar to the EZ MAX ZOME

This orientation makes an excellent dome and is presented as an alternative to the Garden Dome 3 “3/8” dome or Garden Dome 3 + Base Option “5/8” dome.A digi-cam photo of a client’s 30 ft GD3-EZ mounted on a riser wall. It will have the X1 struts and covered with polycarbonate glazing to make a large Garden Dome.

See Garden Dome 3-X1-EZ for additional details.

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