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Garden Dome 4

This dome is the four frequency icosahedron and makes an exact one-half sphere structure.Larger domes are possible with this type due to the large quantity of elements involved.For a cost analysis send your requirements of construction materials and dome size.

These next views illustrate the “shortened version” – bottom level of triangles removed.
Base perimeter becomes slightly smaller than actual dome diameter.
For a 25 ft diameter dome, base perimeter will be 24 ft 2 inches from vertex to opposite vertex.
Height from ground to apex will be 9 ft 3 inches.

This is a low profile dome, ideal for high wind areas and for a short greenhouse with good floor area that is easier to heat compared to a taller dome. By leaving off the lower level of triangles on the Garden Dome 4, the dome height is reduced by approximately 3 ft 2 inches for the 25 ft diameter model.

Height is approximately 37% of actual Dome Diameter

Architectural models: A 36 inch diameter model of the Garden Dome 4. Construction is plastic sheet plate connectors and 1/4″ poplar square dowels. Small screws attach the hub plates to the struts. Domes proportionally scaled down from actual size and constructed in similar ways as the life size structure can be used as architectural models for proof -of- concept demonstration, exhibit for clients and investors for proposed construction, classroom study etc.
This one is 1/4 scale, actual dome size will be 12 feet.

Technical information about dome Class and Methodology and the 4 frequency icosa system

With 91 Connector Hubs and 250 struts, the Garden Dome 4 has a lot of parts! By following the economy parameter of sawing 2 struts per 8 ft board (2 x 4, 2 x 6 etc.), the dome diameter will be approximately 26 ft. and only 125 eight ft. boards are required. One can see how a 30 to 40 ft dome could easily be achieved using longer strut lengths.
Using the Connector Kit and lumber purchased locally, the 26 ft 2 x 4 dome frame can be built for under $1,600.

3D illustrations

20 Ft 2 x 4 Dome

Patterns of the 16 frequency dome on the faces of the 4 frequency dome, modeled after Wenninger’s “Order in Chaos” paper model. The yellow areas are translucent. More weave patterns are on my Dome Patterns page.

This amazing sphere was commissioned by Father Wenninger and was made using brass sheet, cut by a machinist to match the patterns made from the 3D model and screwed together in the over-under lap design, with brass fasteners. Diameter is 3 ft.

Garden Dome 4, Short Version

Bottom row of triangles is removed from the hemisphere version. Modifications to the new bottom makes a flat Ground Perimeter.
71 Connector Hubs and 190 struts. Illustrations based on the 17 ft 2 x 2 dome.

Garden Dome 4 Hemisphere version

Hemisphere version, 91 Connector Hubs and 250 struts. Illustrations based on the 17 ft 2 x 2 dome

Next, a Base Option is added.

12 Ft Aluminum Geo- Sphere

To View the 12 ft Geo-Sphere Please Click on Following Button

40ft GD4 Greenhouse Dome- Photos

Made using our Connector Kit and Super Poly film for covering

This terrific 40ft diameter dome was made with 2×4 lumber, using the schedule 80 pvc connectors in our DIY kit.It has a custom made riser wall and double door extension designed by our professionals. A Pentagon cupola at top provides ventilation to help keep temperature down and plants thriving.

In this photo you can see the personell lift used for work on the cover installation.

Close-up view of the bottom area.

Starting at bottom work your way up adding hubs and struts, following the instructions and illustrations.Riser wall is reinforced for a strong building platforn.
In the news

This is a screenshot of the 40ft GD4 CAD model in 3D — the Edome in the Edraw viewer

Profile views with dimensions —view pdf

A 17 ft Garden Dome 4 is a product exhibition dome made with 2 x 2 inch wood struts and the Quick Connector system

The 30 ft diameter X1 dome has it’s own page