Garden Dome 3 Gallery

The Garden Dome 3 adapted for a roof top. Design would fit well over a brick, cement or wood frame wall. 10 struts now make up the base perimeter. The dome frame is 2 x 2 lumber with basic diameter of 12 ft.

The "Main Frame" of the Garden Dome 3 complete. Over 1,100 lb. of cement brick blocks are set on the frame for a structural stress test. No apparent damage resulted.

Here the dome frame is shown with the bricks from the above image stacked in background. All these bricks were on the dome frame!

Moved to a new location and Base Option added for approx 2-1/2 feet of extra height.

 The hexagon and triangle right on top of it makes a nice door area with 8 struts and one hub removed. The dome is made from regular framing lumber, white pine 2 x 4s cut in half lengthwise with oil based wood preservative generously applied.

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 Weight Test
2 x 6
Frame for star projection screen

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