Garden Dome 2 Doors

First example is a flat "A" frame extension for a custom door on the 15 ft dome with standard triangled Base Option.

Second example is a 32" x 82" door retrofitted to the 20 ft dome. A 'gable' cover for the door area can be made as shown.

-X1 struts added to the 20 ft dome

This view is inside looking out in perspective mode.

Next is the 20 ft GD2-X1A + Base Option with a 36" x 82" entrance..

This illustration shows an opening on the 20 ft X1A dome with the Vertical Base Option. More struts can be removed for double doors or garage doors etc. The nice thing about the Vertical Base Option is that it can be any practical height, covered with siding materials or even bricks or stucco. It can be made of 2 x 6 lumber for extra stability with a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 dome mounted on top.