Subdivisions of Garden Dome 2

Using standard 8 ft. lumber, the dome diameter will be approximately 27 ft (longest strut is 8 ft, one strut per board).
Height will be 13' - 6" and ground level area will be 535 sq. ft.
If two struts are cut from the board, diameter becomes 15 ft.
If 10 ft. boards are used and two struts are cut from the board, diameter becomes 18 ft.
These sizes are suggested for less waste of your board length and "more dome for your money."

Three basic additions of struts may be added to the dome.
Designated X1, X2 and X3 these new dome frames offer added
structure and strength, and added frame work for attaching roofing material. 

Top view of Garden Dome 2

GD2-X1: 40 struts added, with hub modifications and extra hardware
View  GD2-X1  details.

The second subdivision - GD2 - X2: 120 struts and 40 hubs added. Top and side views.

Drawing study of this dome made into a pyramid truss frame

The third subdivision - GD2 - X3: additional 240 struts and 40 hubs

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