A new horizontal extension for fitting an A-frame entrance to the Garden Dome 3
Maximum size using 8 ft lumber and sawing 2 struts per board.
Radius = 10'-4 1/2"
Diameter = 20'-9"
Height = 8'-8 7/8"
Door as shown - 6 ft tall x 3 ft wide.
Door A-frame bottom - 7 ft wide.




Garden Dome 3 shown covered.
The door area is integrated with the dome, designed with triangle stability for strength, ease of construction and covering.

Garden Dome 3 20'-9" Diameter
A-frame extension for door is lengthened to give more area for tool storage, "mud room" etc. and can also be used to connect two similar domes. It could be left open as a vine support for example, with hinged door closer to the dome, or made into a smaller closed off area for easier heating in cold weather. Make long as needed. Here door shown in blue is 4 ft from dome.

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