Garden Dome 3-X1 E.Z.

3 frequency icosa dome divided and turned for edge zenith orientation,

gives a half sphere dome, = hemisphere cut-off point, with 20 edges at ground level, a diamond shape at the apex, maximum strut to hub ratio, with ten and twelve struts arrayed around hex and pent "MMX" (Multi - Max) Connector Hubs.

Like the Garden Dome 3, you still have only two basic triangle sizes or facial planes for dome covering; but much more under structure to support roofing materials and possibility of a large strong dome. This is the "Garden Dome 3-X1-E.Z."
Drawing - the GD3 turned for edge zenith, top view:
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The "X1" subdivision struts provide 12 out of 20 ground level struts.
Proportions are shown for a 22 ft 2 x 4 dome.

With X1 struts removed, this dome is the Garden Dome 3 E.Z.
Paper Model Plans with more illustrations
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