Excerpt from "Food Combining Hanbook" by Gary Null & staff.....Jove Publications 1973 copyright....also see http://www.garynull.com/

Phenol, indole, and skatol, [poisonous by-products of intestinal putrefaction] upon absorption, are combined in part with sulphuric acid and excreted in the urine. These poisons have long been found in the urine and the amount contained therein has been taken by some scientists as an indication or index to the extent of putrefaction that is going on in the intestine. Because the body establishes some toleration for these poisons, as it does for other habitual poisons, it does not mean that the organism itself has adjusted to neutralize these products of bacterial activity. Certainly the discomfort arising from the accumulation of abdominal gas, the bad breath emanating from the gastrointestinal fermentation and putrefaction, the foul odor from the stools or from expelled gases, are as unappreciated as the poisons. It is possible to possess clean breath, odorless stools and freedom from the pressures of gas. Anything that decreases digestive potency, delays the process of digestion or momentarily halts the digestive procedure will favor bacterial activity. We have already discussed some of the causes of digestive insufficiency and failure-they are legion.

Certainly, one of the most common causes of digestive inefficiency is eating improper food combinations. Ignoring enzyme limitations and eating carelessly is greatly responsible for a large amount of the indigestion which almost everyone experiences. The proof of this lies in the fact that feeding correct combinations results in the end of indigestion. However, do not be misled by this statement. Feeding correct combinations will only improve and not end digestive upheavals if the indigestion is due in part to other causes. For example,- if worry is an eminent factor in the cause, it will have to be got rid of before digestion can be orderly and more typical. Millions of dollars are spent each year for remedies which can afford a temporary respite from the discomfort and distress resulting from putrefaction in the gastrointestinal tract. Substances to neutralize acidity, absorb gas and relieve pain are employed in huge quantities by people. Normal healthy digestion is not accompanied by any symptoms of disease. Heartburn, gastritis, the ulcer -a symbol of status in American business and not-so-business life-are hardly healthy gastrointestinal situations.

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