Image Contents - part 2

Dome types are identified and hyperlinked to related web pages. 
Tetra Dome E.Z.  Tetra Dome E.Z. -X1  Tetra Dome EZ -X1 Matrix  Tetra Dome -X2 Top +Base 
Tetra Dome -X2 Matrix  Tetra Dome -X2 Matrix  Tetra Dome 3 HZ Hex Matrix  Tetra Dome 3 HZ Tricluster 
Octa Dome 4 Cl 2 HZ  Octa Dome 4 Cl 2 HZ  Octa 4 CL2 HZ +VBO  Octa 4 CL2 + Door 
Octa 4 CL2 -X1  Bucky-Truss  GD7 Weave Pattern  GD8 Weave Pattern 
GC6 Weave Pattern  GD6 Cover PAttern  Dodecacron Top  Dodecacron 
Dodecacron  Octagram -X1  Octagram -X1+ VBO  Octagram X1+VBO scene with fence 
Octa - Tetra Truss  GD2-X3 Truss  Cube-Octa Dome S-X1  Cube-Octa S-X1+Door and Cupola 
Truncated Cube Art Exhibit Booth  RCO  RCO-S + Door  RCO-S-X1 + Door 
Octa Dome 4 XT (extended)  Octa Dome 4+ Cupola  Octa Dome 4 + Base Option and Cupola  Octa Dome 6 
Octa Dome 6  Star Dome 1-D  Star Dome 2-B +VBO  Star Dome 2-B +VBO 
Star Dome 2-C  Star Dome 2-C  Octa Array  Tetra Array 
Tetra 3 HZ X1+VBO & Door  Tetra 3 HZ X1  Tetra Dome 3 HZ X1 Cluster  Tetra 3 HZ X2 + VBO 
TR-CO  TR-CO  TR-CO+Octagrams  TR-CO+Octagrams 
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