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Icosa Zome

The black & white drawings best illustrate the Zome roof panels.

Diameter of the 2 x 4 Zome: 15.8 ft (geometric center to outside edge of an upper Connector Hub)
Longest strut (brown, corresponds to a main strut of the Icosa Dome): 96 in.
Across vertices at ground level: 14.4 ft.
Total Height as illustrated: 13.9 ft.
Double door opening: 93″ W x 82″ H

Orthographic (profile) top, front and side views of the Zome. Notice the overhang on the door area shown on the side view.

For covering purposes, 4 x 8 sheets can be used efficiently with the Zome sized down by only a few inches.
Use four sheets to make 8 rectangle cover panels to fit the lower 4 ft height of the base, or eight will cover the whole Vertical Base not including the doouble door area. Another 10 sheets are required to make the 20 upper triangle panels. Off-the-shelf windows can be used in the Vertical Base. Cover the dome with osb or plywood, add roofing materials, or greenhouse film or glazing. Leave the bottom open to make a gazebo. Use screen to make an insect proof patio room.

Cost estimate:
2 x 4 Connector Kit for domes approxiamtely 8 – 18 ft diameter, sch. 80 pvc Connector Hubs…$312 + $31 UPS.
Materials you will need for the Connector Kit:
2 x 4s: $130
Cover options:
½” Plywood for cover panels – $275
Twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouse glazing and installation materials – $1,500
Super Poly – $150