Closely related to the Garden Dome 2 and Star Dome 1, it makes a great hemisphere dome. Simpler than the Star Dome 1 but  more elements and roundness than the Garden Dome 2. Two sizes of  triangles are arrayed strategically about the sphere surface.

Size reference: if longest struts (red) are 8 ft., dome diameter will be 30 ft.
For efficient covering with minimal quantity of 4' x 8' sheets, dome diameter will be 25 ft - 6 inches.
Two of the large triangles can be covered with panels made from one 4' x 8' sheet.

                 Photos from a recent Icosa-Dodeca Dome project for an Earth Day festival in Houston, Tx.

This 25 ft. dome was made from 2 x 4 lumber, painted white, with alternating triangle panels
      to give a windmill effect.  The dome was made with Quick Connector features allowing easier assembly/disassembly for a one day exhibition.
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Compare with the Garden Dome 2-X1a - this might be called the Simplified Version of the Icosa-Dodeca Dome. Same symmetry but fewer parts and less roundness; shown here as a 20 ft 2 x 4 dome:

Free wallpaper: Icosa-Dodeca in "The Final Frontier"