Icosa - Dome Gallery

A 2 x 4 model with 76 inch struts.

This is the largest size that can be shipped by UPS.
Diameter is 12 feet.
With the optional quick connector hubs  this dome can be assembled in 20-30 minutes with help from an assistant.

The Icosa-Dome can be simplified and made into two alternate types.
The first is and "edge zenith" type- a strut is at top.
In a more completed dome a 6 sided bottom could be used by adding two ground level hubs and six struts; giving a more stable structure that can be totally enclosed. 21 struts and 10  hubs.

The second alternate version is the "face zenith" type:

Three hubs resting on the ground define an equilateral triangle and make a very stable dome structure. With the addition of 3 ground level hubs and 9 struts a 6-sided base could be constructed making the dome totally encloseable.27 struts and 12 hubs. CAD drawings and specification details

A rectangle door area can be easily adapted to the dome

Make the Icosa-Dome paper model

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