Icosa-Dome Prices
For Wood Size:
Frame Kit w/
6' - 3" struts**
Kit for 6'-3"
strut domes
Frame Kit w/
8 ft. struts
Kit for 8 ft
strut domes
1 x 2
2 x 2
2 x 3
2 x 4
2 x 6
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*Notes: all struts are the same length. Choose any practical size.
No door is provided for. We have some good suggestions to help.
For 1 x 2- eight foot lengths may show bending after time; add X1 struts.
For 2 x 2- eight foot lengths will work well
For 2 x 3 to 2 x 6:  will be a very strong and sturdy dome with eight foot struts
Ten foot lengths might be used for 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 wood. Apex height will be approx. 15 ft. from ground.
"2 x 2" and "2 x 3" struts may be obtained from cutting 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s lengthwise in half

**Max size (box length) shippable by UPS. 1 x 2, and 2 x 2 complete dome kits approximately $125 extra to ship. Apex height is approx. 10 feet. Includes: schedule 40 pvc hubs, zinc plated hardware, standard lumber- white or yellow pine, wood preservative pre-applied, illustrated instructions. Quick connecting features add 15%.
Note: Before you order a complete frame kit, let us get some shipping rates for you to your location by zip code. Small Frame Kits (1 x 2 and 2 x 2) and Connector Kits may be shipped in one to three boxes UPS. Larger items are shipped by motor freight (Roadway Express) and may cost $150 - $400. Just send your zip code for a shipping estimate.

+ Super Poly Kit includes 800 sq. ft. of woven poly, plexiglas hub cover plates (11 interior, 11 exterior) with attaching hardware, and 200 ft of white pvc lath that is installed over the woven poly to help secure it to the wood and help keep sun light/heat reduced  on the poly where it is stapled on the wood dome strut.

More options
A complete icosahedron may be made with an addition of 1 hub and 5 struts to the Icosa-Dome. For instance with 1 x 2 struts a 100% dome of approx. 2 ft. diameter could be made easily; and so on up to the larger domes.
More varieties: Face (triangle) or Edge (strut) at the apex instead of a Vertex (hub). See Photo Gallery.

Domes of steel round tubes (electrical conduit) and metal or pvc hubs may be used. Also square aluminum, steel or pvc struts (but not round pvc tubes for struts) may be used. Please phone or email to inquire.

Cover your dome with woven super poly, 6 or 8 mil greenhouse plastic film, screen, shadecloth or mesh, metal hardware cloth, Coroplast (brand) corrugated plastic, Thermoclear (brand) twin wall polycarbonate, etc.

A "Super Poly Kit" is available. Includes the 10 mil woven super poly precut in sections for easy installation, Cinchstrap lath and Polyfastener for a window/door opening,  interior/exterior hub covers with attaching hardware, and instructions.

X Types
Connector Kit Prices are listed on the on-line order system. Click here
X1 type - adds 15 struts, 10 metal connectors
X2 type - adds 45 struts and 15 hubs
X3 type - adds 90 struts, 15 hubs and 25 metal connectors.
The X subdivisions will enable better attachment of cover materials to the large triangles of the dome. X struts need not be the same size as the main dome struts, but may be for optimum structural strength. For instance 2 x 2 X struts and 2 x 4 main dome struts, or 1 x 2 X struts and 2 x 2 main dome struts.
Please phone or email for a quote or questions answered on any of the X types or other sizes not listed. 


This is a good dome to cover an area for a garden or storage shed.
I built a prototype that is largest size one can make with standard 92-5/8" lumber. 2 x 4s were sawed in half lengthwise with a table saw. Only 25 struts are used, so only 13 boards were purchased, at a cost of about $30. Apex is high (about 11 ft up) so an 8 ft ladder was needed for the top hub connections (I'm 5'11" tall but still had to reach up high standing on the ladder). It did take a few hours to saw, drill, and cover the struts with wood preservative. Actual dome erection was under one hour.
Anti-deer mesh was placed over the dome triangles to help keep birds and animals (we have rabbits, skunks, armadillos, possums, raccoons) out of my garden. This is an inexpensive 1/2 inch square plastic mesh that is very tough. You can't see it in this photo but it's there, with the bigger wire fence also to keep the snoopy cows out.

With -X1 struts added:
 An equilateral triangle 1/2 the size of the dome triangles, placed on a lower triangle will make a good door area.  Another option is "poly zipper" used on poly tarps for a quick and easy door. Also wood can be screwed right onto the strut to frame in a more convenient rectangle door area. 
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