This is a zonohedral dome based on the Icosa Dome-X3. In-centers of the Icosa Dome triangles are projected outward so that the faces of the dome become large flat parallelograms. All face edges are equal.  This is the Zome.

The vertical riser struts are integral with the Zome geometry. They are shown extended to provide extra height.

Rough-in frame for a standard door is placed in a vertical side. A minimal number of support/strengthening struts are shown in the Vertical Base for an example. More may be added as needed to support board panel siding, roofing, or greenhouse cover materials.

The Zome is illustrated as a 2 x 4 structure, approximately 14 ft tall and 14 ft across connections at floor level. The Zome diameter and Vertical Base can be any size/height with considerations for building material limitations. For a larger structure, a different Zome with more elements could be used.
Board panels are added to stabilize the vertical non-triangled base of the Zome:

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EZ (Edge Zenith) Zome
EZ Zome part 2
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EZ MAX ZOME as a 2 x 4 structure black and white illustrations
EZ MAX ZOME as a 2 x 4 structure color illutrations
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