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An illustration of the Garden Dome 2, based on 3D solid modelling, done with a computer aided design [CAD] program
Garden Dome 2 illustration
Front View

1. "A.S." recently sent us photos of his dome near Dallas, Texas. It is a 20 ft Garden Dome 2 with Base Option. This is the largest GD2+Base thus far. Covered with Super Poly, and made by cutting his own lumber and using the schedule 80 heavy duty pvc Connector Kit. A.S.'s recommendation: "I strongly advise using an air powered ratchet if you are going to do this." Link here

2. Our latest dome was made using calculations from Rick Bono's Dome 4.6 freeware, which in turn was made based on dome math in Hugh Kenner's Geodesic Math and How To Use It. It is also our largest dome thus far. Type is 6 frequency Class I Octahedral dome, half dome (= 1/4 sphere), 36 ft. diameter (= 18 ft tall); made from 2 x 4 struts using our heavy duty Connector Kit. It is set up against a vertical wall inside a warehouse, and will be covered with Coroplast sheet material.

3. "M.T." in Missouri is preparing to build his 30 ft dome and develop it into a cozy home to spend his retirement years in. It is the first "Garden Dome Home" made from our heavy duty connector hubs, a 3 frequency "5/8" dome (Garden Dome 3 + Base Option).  A capable builder, M.T. will be doing the plumbing, electric work, interior framing and finishing himself.

4. "D.S." Is putting his Geo-Sphere to good use. Photo here.

5. "J.A." sends us this photo of the Star Dome with lights added. Click.

6. At the Dome Ranch in Georgetown, Texas [visitors welcome] we are covering our Star Dome 1 and making it into our workshop. The deck foundation is already laid, and a pentagonal cupola added on top. Check back for progress and photos.

7. We are currently working on an on-line shopping cart for ordering Connector Kits and the Catalog. Another first for offering do-it-yourself geo-dome products on the WWW. We also welcome your toll free phone calls for ordering and to answer any questions you may have.

8. Please send your dome photos and comments to be considered for inclusion in our monthly newsletter.

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