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Newsletter No. 2

January 3, 2000

Updated monthly.

1. "A.S." sent new photos of his 20 ft Garden Dome 2 showing the interior. It is made from 2 x 4s and the heavy duty pvc Connector Kit. The wood frame was then covered with the Super Poly Kit. Photo See Newsletter No. 1 linked below, for more info and pictures.

2. "K.W.." near Garland, Tx. built a 25 ft Garden Dome 3 using the longer heavy duty pvc Connector Kit for 2 x 6 struts. Notice the triangle deck railing supports and added level of struts below the Base Option that give this dome added height and roundness.
Photo 1 Photo 2

3. In December we made 3 Geo-Spheres, all Star Dome 2 configurations. The 3, 5, and 8 ft diameter the Geo-Spheres will be ornamental spheres used to enhance various productions. Stay tuned for photos.

4. Also in December our "Dome Joint" Patent was officially issued after a long wait. See Dome Patents for details.

5. Some exciting new aluminum and pvc domes are in the proposal stages and will be topics in future newsleters.

6. Please send your dome photos and comments to be considered for inclusion in our monthly newsletter. We still get email from all over the world and calls from all over North America with interest in our unique domes. Please help us out by mentioning us to your friends and associates. This will help keep advertising costs down and our domes the best quality and lowest prices on the market.

Remember to check back next month for the W.G.D. Newsletter Update...
Happy New Year!
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