Worldflower Garden Domes

Newsletter No. 3

February 1,  2000

1. Three steel tube Star Dome 2 Geo-Spheres were used in the New Years production by Synergy Group Above image is the team adding lights to the eight foot sphere. It  is made from 1/2" steel conduit.

2. We are  planning on a large project with the Star Dome 1 MMX design. The proposal under consideration presents a 60 ft aluminum dome. Working  with the CAD program we developed the 3D wire-frame model that demonstrates the dome geometry in any view. Here is the front view of the dome pavilion design:

3. Another dome in the  planning stages is the vertically oriented icosa elliptical dome. This unique design gives a tall dome with height and interior space expanded by an extra level of triangles. Type is 3 fr. Class I with 1:1.618 ratio. The 16 foot diameter dome would be nearly 20 feet tall. Here is a CAD drawing made from DOME 4.6
3v Icosa-Ellipse Dome

4. Here's a recent detailed answer to questions about dome homes. CLICK here and scroll down to "Dome Homes and Dome Types"

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