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March 1, 2000

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1. If you are wondering what this is, here is an interesting new use of one of our domes. A doctor in Arizona plans for a "planetarium" on the inside of the dome for astronomy studies. With the lights off, star patterns will be projected on the inner dome surface. The dome will be hung from the ceiling, so observers can study the heavens. A fun project!

2. We have started a "dome donation" program. Only in the beginning stages of a not-for profit-organization designed to help individuals or organizations with dome homes, greenhouses and low cost emergency shelters. The first one goes to Children's Homes, Inc. of Paragould and will be a 20 ft Garden Dome 3. We need people, materials and people to help. The need is out there. We would like to be able to send mini dome homes to the homeless all over the world.
More here

    Dear sir, Our company plans to donate a facility for the rehabilitation of children that are affected by
  the earthquake in Turkey. We are looking for a structure with 1000 square meter (or 2X 500 square
  meter) living area that can be set up in a short time. Please let us know if your temporary domes are
  suitable for this purpose. If so let us know budgetary prices and materials that need to be obtained
  locally in Turkey. Hoping to hear a prompt answer.
  Best Regards, Erdem Heral, Overseas Development
  CorporationTel: +90 312 287 6090Fax: +90 312 286 5091

3. Here is a new page devoted to the Icosa-Dome X1.

4. More dome possibilities. Using Icosa-Domes in modular fashion in a joined matrix of 2 to 10 or more units interconnected with Diamond Truss cross bracing.  Icosa-Dome Variations

5. Another new page shows page shows the Garden Dome 3-X1 + Base Option w/ X1 division. This one will be a 40 ft dome house.

6. Here is a web link that an architect in France sent me by email. Lovely rendered digital images and ideas for developing triangled structures. Lobel Frame

Link of the Month: Dymaxion House

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