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April 1, 2000

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This months newsletter is gallery of dome drawings.  I will write about some of our original domes and introduce new ones. You may have noticed some of our new drawings have been done with 3D design solid modeling software. This is a powerful tool for "virtual reality" modeling of domes (and ohter things) with actual size dimensions and proportions.
Double Dome Here I would like to introduce a graphic example of the "double dome" concept. The dome is a 4 frequency Octa-Dome (Class 1). Proportions are for a 20 ft diameter outer dome, with a separate inner dome, connected with 3 inch cylinder hubs that are 12 inches long. MORE

The double-dome offers a super-reinforced structure combining the strength of two domes into one unit. The space between the inner and outer shells can be filled with insulation for a super energy efficient dome. For greenhouse domes, an inner and outer dome covered with films or glazing will provide insulating air space.  The same concept applies to Diamond Truss and Octa-Tetra truss domes where the inner and outer domes are different.
Garden Dome 1 Update The base area is redesigned. With 5 vertical struts (red) added and a 10 edge ground level perimeter more floor area and dome volume is produced. The 10 ground struts will sit flat on the ground/foundation and are connected with 5 hubs and metal plates at 5 hubless joints. Drawing proportions are for a 12'-6" diameter dome made with 2 x 4 lumber. Front view:

Pictorial 1 | Pictorial 2
With surface shading

Octa-Dome Update  The Octa-Dome has 3 different lengths of struts and if the longest is 8 feet, dome diameter will be 18 ft. Apex height will be 9 ft. With a 4 ft Base Option vertical height is produced for a spacious dome. Illustrations shows some of the possibilities. An 18 ft diameter 2 x 4 dome, front view:

Pictorial View
With surface shading

Our latest dome development is the simplest design for a half - sphere geodesic shape. With only 10 connectors and 21 struts it has less elements than the Icosa - Dome (11 connectors and 25 struts). The dome is the Tetra-Dome turned for Edge Zenith orientation. Named the Tetra - Dome EZ and the first dome we have done with a 6 sided base.

Drawing proportions: long struts (dark green) are 2 x 4 x 8 ft. boards. The bottom long axis will be 14' - 6" and height will be nearly 6 ft. As illustrated with a vertical Base Option, more height any practical distance can be added making a "Tetra EZ - Gazebo - Dome". Compare with the Octa - Gazebo - Dome.
The Base Option may have intermediate vertical struts added, or cross brace diagonals for structural stability. The dome will make an excellent greenhouse,  storage shed, workshop, etc. and has a convenient area for adapting a standard door or using the hub-strut 'geodesic' door supplied with Connector Kits. The "X1" addition is also available. Photo

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Get your Tetra-Dome EZ Connector Kit for a 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 dome before June 30, 2000, and get a 20% discount. Order the Connector Kit and Super Poly or Super Poly Kit and get an additional 20% discount on the poly. Applies to standard pvc connectors and standard dome sizes 8 to 14'-6" across long base axis.
Tetra Dome EZ with 20% discount
2 x 2 C.K - $149
2 x 4 C.K.- $ 179
With the Base Option
2 x 2 - $169
2 x 4 - $199
Includes UPS ground rate shipping.
Offer ends June 30, 2000

Space Frames Our Construction Connector is a Patented system for making conventional and new original dome designs but is not limited to domes. In the next drawings Space Frames are made using the same hub connectors that we use on domes. If you can imagine these 3D grids projected on a spherical  shape, you can see how Octa-Tetra Truss domes can be made. Proportions here are for 2 x 4 boards used as the framework.

Example 1: Octa - Tetra - Truss
Example 2: Tetra - Truss

Bottom Pictorial View

You can use a space frame pyramid truss for a platform or overhead structure that spans large distances without need for internal load bearing support (compared to traditional building). They are also used as design elements or artistic accents. As with the domes space frames can be made from wood, steel, aluminum, even pvc and bamboo.

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I hoped you enjoyed the April Newsletter. Remember to check back next month for the W.G.D. Newsletter Update... Ernie Aiken

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