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N e w s l e t t e r  N o. , June 5, 2000

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Our plans for this month include  travel trip to the Northeast to visit our large steel dome under construction (see NL #6), with excursions to visit the Cinesphere dome in Toronto and the ASM dome in Ohio (see the Dome Tour page), two wonderful dome structures.

My little back yard garden has been quite productive, giving us several weeks of fresh green beans and sweet peas. Now the okra and tomatoes are beginning to ripen. It's nice to have fresh raw food nature's way.  The garden is in the 2x2 Icosa-Dome -X1 with a covering of plastic anti-bird/deer mesh stapled on. A wire fence is around the bottom to keep the curious cows and other hungry animals out. (Last year 2 calves got through the mesh and enjoyed some of the watermelons and tomatoes - a hilarious disaster.) 
The concept of using a simple dome to support a protective covering for the garden is proven to be effective. If you don't need a full greenhouse cover, protect your garden from birds and animals with a dome and plastic mesh or wire fence covering.
Next image shows the 1x2 Icosa-Dome -X1.


Here's Ernie [yours truly] with the top pentagon section of the 38.5 ft. steel dome that will be installed in New York. At the center is a steel hub of our patented design that contains an axle for the revolving doors and fittings for attaching the steel tube

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