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N e w s l e t t e r  N o. 9, August 9, 2000

Here is a new series of photos of the 18 ft. Octa-Dome made with steel tubes. Tubes are 1-3/8" diameter. The bottom vertical Base Option adds three feet for a total height of 12 ft.


A new method for constructing dome doors and windows is shown in new photos of the 11 ft diameter 1 x 2 wood Octa-Dome, described on the updated Octa-Dome page.

Here are some new drawings of the 4 frequency Icosa dome - the "Garden Dome 4" type.

We are continuing our dome donation program to registered not - for - profit charities with a 26 ft Octa-Dome 6 frequency type Connector Kit going to The Green Corn Project. This group builds vegetable gardens for the poor, underprivileged,  minorities and elderly. Another donation is for a 12 ft Garden Dome 2 + Base Option to be used for a vine growing dome at a church elementary school in Topeka, Kansas.

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