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N e w s l e t t e r  N o. 10, September 1, 2000



Updated page of the Garden Dome 3 - X1 with new drawings and photos of the aluminum Connector Kit for.

Architectural models: A 36 inch diameter model of  the Garden Dome 4. Construction is  plastic sheet plate connectors and 1/4" poplar square dowels. Small screws attach the hub plates to the struts. Top hemisphere of the full Geo-Sphere that will have total 162 hubs and 480 struts (and 960 screws!). Domes proportionally scaled down from actual size and constructed in similar ways as the life size structure can be used as architectural models for concept demonstrations, exhibit for  public, clients and investors for proposed construction, classroom study etc.
This one is 1/4 scale, actual dome (sphere) will be 12 feet.
More information here:  Garden Dome 4

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