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N e w s l e t t e r  N o. 11

October 21, 2000

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Here is a new page devoted to making paper dome models from patterns you can print right on your computer's printer. You might make photocopies using colored card stock paper for best results.
The models can help identify what goes where in dome building, so can be a very helpful tool on dome assembly day.

Catherine K. is a sculpture artist living in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She decided to apply her craftsmanship to one of our domes, a GD2 Geo-Sphere pictured in an earlier Newsletter. Here's a story from the local news.
"Finding Shelter"

Catherine K. finds shelter in her artwork at the Northern Lights Boreal Festival on Sunday.The Thunder Bay visual artist stretched bovine intestines over a geodesic dome frame during the weekend, inspiring curiosity and turning a few stomachs. A torrential mid-day down pour Sunday failed to dampen spirits at the festival...

The sphere with panels of intestinal skins being applied:

Thanks to photographer Rob O'Flanagan.

Don't miss the Uberorgan by Tim Hawkinson at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art when you are in the Albany NY area.
Our greenhouse plastic was a major component in its creation. More photos here: Uberorgan

Link of the Month: Spherical geodesic grids

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