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N e w s l e t t e r  N o. 15

Welcome to the February 2001 W.G.D. Newsletter. Here I would like to present a new dome concept for a simple dome that has lots of exciting posibilities.

We are the only domebuilders that have taken on the challenge of developing new polyhedra based domes.
In this newsletter forum we will periodically introduce our new dome designs and developments.

This new dome is based on the polyhedra "rhombic cubeoctahedron" and has some unique features:

For size reference, if the long struts are 8 ft, the dome diameter -widest point across- is 22' - 4" and the diameter of the 8 sided ground level, is nearly 21 ft. The dome will make an excellent greenhouse, temporary shelter, gazebo, etc. etc.

The design above is a simplified version of the dome. For the fully divided and rounded version visit the

Following the theme from Newsletter 14, here are informative health links from two well known authors. Their books are highly recommended.
Dr. Mindell - http://www.drearlmindell.com/

Dr. Atkins -  http://www.atkinscenter.com/

Check out the  new page with vrml virtual reality dome and polyhedra models.

Newsletter No. 14

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