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N e w s l e t t e r  N o. 16

Welcome to the March 2001 W.G.D. Newsletter.
Here is a photo from April Morales, Curator of The Museum at La Habra, in La Habra, California.
We supplied the dome for the children's exhibit. It's called the Biodome and is part of the Space Exhibit.

The dome is an 8 ft Octa-Dome, made from 1 x 2 wood with a 4 ft vertical Base Option.

Special of the Month
We are offering a special promotional discount of the Tetra-Dome -X1. It is a 2 x 4 dome, similar to the Octa-Dome, but simpler and less round. It is the top half of the dome as presented in the Tetra-Dome web pages.
The special includes all lumber (white pine 'premium' quality), connector hubs made from predrilled pvc sections with quick connect assembly features, and all hardware (including 4-way metal Simpson Strong Tie connector plates for the 90 degree joints) required to assemble the dome. This dome has 13 connector hubs, 4 metal connector plates and 32 struts.

Long struts (blue - qty. 4) are 96" (8 ft.). Height is 85" (7 ft.) and widest distance across base perimeter is 171" (14 ft. - 3 in.).
Price: $485
We can ship by Roadway Express. Shipping cost estimate: $200 - $500, depending on distance from Austin, Tx.

The vertical Base Option can be added to give more height and useable space inside the dome.
A door is retrofitted for easy access. The drawings show a 42" x 80" door.
7 connector hubs and 24 struts are added. Base Option height is 4 ft to provide a total dome height of 11 ft.

Price with Base Option: $780 + shipping.

Prices reflect a 20% discount until July 15, 2001.

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