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Welcome to the April 2001 Newsletter #17 The topics this month is: you guessed it-Domes, also some vital health
information, a special offer, and Link of the Month. I want to keep the Newsletter short so you can go on to our Dome pages and surfing wherever your mouse takes you.

We have been very busy, after a slow January and February, making domes and Connector Kits, and getting orders for Super Poly shipped. It's a busy time for getting greenhouses ready and Super Poly on those frames, of whatever type - there are many! Also some new domes are in the making, with web page details in the making. There is a new list of current Connector Kit prices, 66 and counting, and a new page for the new dome that we hope to be a very useful and practical dome design- The G.D.3-X1 Half-Dome.

Special of the Month

Connector Kit for the 2 x 4 RCO Dome in its "simplified" configuration.
The drawing show an 18 ft dome, height of 12 ft 4 inches, and retrofit
for a 35 x 75 inch door. Price until June 30th, 2001 is with a 10%
discount, and we will pay for your shipping! Continental USA. Your
total: $277 for the regular pvc Connecors and $334 for the heavy duty
pvc connectors.
Make this 2 x 4 Dome any size that will work for you. It is ideal for
domes 12 to 20 feet. Other configurations can produce a larger dome.

New: Garden Dome 3-X1 Half Dome | Rhombic - Cube - Octa (RCO) Dome

Link of the Month - Green Building in Austin

Thanks for visiting! Come see us again next month!

Newsletter No. 16

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