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N e w s l e t t e r  N o. 18

May 2001
New Web Host
New May 2001 Dome Special
New contact number

We are relocating the Garden Dome web pages, now located on
fastlane.net and gtwn.net, to a new server. There's lots of pages and images,
more than I realized. This may take a few days...result will be all pages linked
to www.gardedome.com, with quicker download times. I researched for many
hours various web hosting companies, and decided on addr.com for low cost
and good plans for future expansion. Our secure server shopping cart will remain
on bettercart.com for the time being.

Special Offer!

The Tetra - Dome 4B is a new dome based on the 3-way symmetry of the tetrahedron.
The Special Offer for May 2001 is the Connector Kit for 2 x 4 Tetra - Dome 4B ("B" is
for Class 2 type) for regular and heavy duty pvc connector hubs.
Make the dome any practical size to suit your needs.
Regular pvc Connector Kit: $129 includes shipping
Heavy Duty pvc Connector Kit: $173 includes shipping
This is a 10% d i s c o u n t + free shipping

Here is our new phone and voice mail: call anytime (512) 431-9752 for help and order information.

New: Tetra-Dome 4B | Rhombic - Cube - Octa (RCO) Dome

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