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Observatory Dome

Design concept using the RCO Simplified Dome with retrofit sky viewing slot.These drawings are based on the 18 ft dome with X1 addition.

  • Use the half dome (bottom level of triangles removed) with wheels attached to make the dome rotatable on a Base.
  • Use the Vertical Base Option as a Mounting Base with door and track for wheels; size/height proportional to the dome diameter and reinforced as required to support the dome.
  • This dome is used for its simplicity = fewer quantity of different parts; easier covering with only 2 sizes of  triangle panels.
  • Width and height of the viewing slot is variable for accomodating all dome sizes as needed or your telescope.
  • Make with the Connector Kit or Frame Kit, with precut cover panels avaiable. Use 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 lumber, diameters from 6 ft to 21 ft.
  • Use the Original RCO dome for a rounder = more spherical shaped Observatory Dome.

The top half of the dome with -X1 struts removed. The Base Perimeter now has 16 edges. The view slot is shortened at the top where the apex Connector Hub and top 4 struts remain intact. This dome can be mounted on a riser wall where a door can be placed.

Diameter to height ratio of the RCO-S, top + base is 1 : .6785 For example: 16 ft diameter X .6785 = 10.85 ft.
The original observatory design, with -X1 struts removed. The -X1 struts are not required on smaller domes, 10 – 15 ft.